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ConstructyVET Project : Mission accomplished !

The ConstructyVET Project successfully ended on the 30th of August. The partners worked together on this Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership 3 years’ project dealing with the development of middle management skills on building sites. Discover the full final report of this thrilling projet !

date31 October, 2018 by REFORME


At the origin of the project, several surveys conducted by observation structures of construction trades in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom showed a mismatch between the expectations of the companies and the nature of trainings for middle management on sites. In addition, analyzes demonstrated difficulties in recruiting team leaders and sites managers, not because of the shortage of manpower in general, but often for lack of training sufficiently adapted to the evolution of these functions.


This is why the partners reviewed, updated and experimented the training courses concerned, so that they match more to the evolution of standards, organizations and operating procedures on site, in accordance with the wishes of the economic world and in relation with the profile of the candidates available to be site manager or team leader.

9 organizations took part in the project:

  • 8 training centers for construction trades (4 national networks : CCCA-BTP (FR) – coordinator, FLC (ES), Formedil (IT), Cenfic (PT) and 3 regional networks : IFPAME (BE), BZB (DE) and FLC Asturias (ES) and a local center : Warrington Collegiate (UK)),
  • A research organization specialized in training engineering and validation of learning outcomes (IBE (PL))

The partners realized the following productions:

  • Identification of the transversal skills of the team leaders and site managers desired by the companies and their matching with the training available,
  • Formulation of the training contents for team leaders and site managers grouped in 9 thematic blocks and 43 training units (with the evaluation criteria) that can be grouped into larger blocks of training,
  • Accuracy of training methods and tools adapted to the objectives and contents of the targeted trainings, aiming the individualization of the training and support process of the learners,
  • Design and life-size experimentation of a transnational model for the validation, recognition and transparency of the learning outcomes from the training courses designed and implemented by each partner.

These main productions were accompanied by numerous ancillary productions: progress reports, national analyzes and methodology tools (annexes 15-27).

In addition, the partners organised:

  • 8 results dissemination seminars (Infodays) specifically dedicated to the project that brought together training professionals, representatives of social partners, researchers, institutions and representatives of companies,
  • Communication actions during meetings and seminars not specific to the project but concerning its target audiences (board of directors of partners training organizations, professional days, trade fairs for vocational guidance, technical meetings concerning other partnerships for skills),
  • Publications, mainly digital, on their websites as well as on constructyvet.eu about the life of the project and the available productions.

Common productions can be adapted to the specific contexts and objectives of each partner, in terms of contents, teaching and evaluation methods. The intention was to propose a model allowing each organization to take a step back from its national references, to integrate the good practices and to select those which can be the most useful. Annex 1 contains a summary of the project phases and a list of productions. Annex 2 presents its progress over the time.


Key figures:

  • Interviews in the companies: 112
  • Learning units designed : 43
  • Experimental sessions implemented : 59
  • Number of participants in the experimental sessions : 782
  • Number of Infodays: 13
  • Number of participants in the Infodays: 286
Download documents :
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