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ConstructyVET Kick off Meeting, 17 and 18 of November 2015

The partners met in Paris to launch the beginning of the works concerning the ConstructyVET project

date19 February, 2016 by REFORME

Marek Lawinski, head of projects for capacity building and international projects of the CCCA-BTP training department, thanked the participants for coming to Paris and stressed the importance of this project as a mean to strengthen collaboration with companies, respond more effectively to their skills needs and to promote the construction industry trades.

As head of the project ConstructyVET Marek explains briefly the general organization of the meeting, on which three organizations (Warrington Collegiate, BZB and IBE) decided not to participate because of the recent tragic events in Paris; they nevertheless remain full partners as they confirmed their commitment.

Each participant was presented and emphasized the interest of his organization for the project. The main points, broadly shared by the partners are:

  • design the project as a way to promote educational innovation in the construction sector;
  • use the project as a means to promote the building trades;
  • to change training programs for site managers and team leaders, adapting them to the needs of skills in terms of business and contribute to greater social inclusion of the target beneficiaries;
  • expand the training offer of training centers in the countries of the consortium.
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