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Since its creation in 1986, the REFORME network has facilitated the setting up of mobility projects for over 3,500 younger people and trainers. They could benefit from professional practice abroad thanks to the co-financing guaranteed by both the national partners and by EU programs and initiatives (mainly Leonardo da Vinci) corresponding to the lifelong education and learning goals determined by the European Union.

mobility1Nowadays, every member of the REFORME Network put in places mobility actions in the framework of the Erasmus+ program aiming at:

  • Promoting the transnational Learning Mobility of VET Students and VET Professionals,
  • Increasing the number of training mobilities of VET students, VET professionals, employees and employers
  • Removing obstacles for mobility in the member countries
  • Promoting European transparency tools such as EQF, ECVET and Europass.

The main goal of REFORME being to favor the professionalization of young people, professionals and trainers of the construction sector, the members of the network agree that European mobility represents a strategic and major issue which contributes:

  • To reinforce the quality and attractiveness of VET;
  • To improve the quality of VET teachers; to encourage workers’ participation in Lifelong Learning;
  • To ensure that the workforce can adjust their skills to the labor-market needs of an environmentally sustainable economy;
  • To provide flexible access to training and qualifications and to encourage the use of new technologies in VET systems.

Most of the exchanges take places within the members of the network, but not exclusively. The mobility period for trainees can take place both in training centers or in companies, normally for 2 or 3 weeks. The mobility actions for professionals or trainers last in the average one week, but they could be longer.

If you are a VET organization in the construction sector interested in mobility actions do not hesitate to contact the REFORME network, writing us an e-mail in the section “contact us