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The Network currently gathers VET 5 Institutions and organisations from 6 countries: BZB (Germany), CCCA-BTP (France), CENFIC (Portugal), IFAPME (Belgium), FORMEDIL (Italy), FLC (Spain), FLC del Principado des Asturias (Spain).

BZB, Germany

The BZB are multifunctional facilities for the 32 building trade guilds in the administrative district of Dusseldorf. Members are 1,500 construction firms. Tasks are the initial vocational training for apprentices in the 15 occupations of construction as well as continuing training for higher professionals. Co-operation with German Labour Agency in the field of demand driven retraining of people. BZB run 3 branches and participate in numerous projects. These projects are of regional, national, European and international scope. On the European level BZB realize numerous exchange programmes for apprentices, trainers and VET-experts, mostly with partners in the European network RE.FORM.E. BZB are certified by DIN ISO EN 9001 and run a Technology Transfer Office. BZB execute various IT- and pilot-projects with innovative and trend-setting impact. BZB provide a lot of experience because BZB are actively involved in the EU projects for over 20 years.

Tel. +49 2151 515 510
Boekendonk 15-17 47809 Krefeld – GERMANY


CCCA-BTP, France

The CCCA-BTP is a French professional organisation in charge of coordinating the apprenticeship in the construction industry. It leads a network of 118 training centres offering alternance training in companies and in training centres (called CFA-BTP). The CCCA-BTP is in charge of implementing the professional policy specified by main employers and employee’s representative federations of the construction industry at national level. The French government is also represented within the Board Committee.

The CCCA-BTP network has trained 2 000 000 apprentices since it was created 70 years ago. 50.000 apprentices (young people having a specific work contract and registered in a training centre)are hired by 40.000 companies where they generally stay three weeks a month, the fourth week being spent in the training centre.

More than 100 diplomas, delivered by the Ministry of Education, are proposed by the training centres affiliated to the CCCA-BTP network in 27 professional fields, including professions of the building industry and professions of the public works industry.

>> Document à télécharger en FR et EN

Marek Lawinski : marek.lawinski@ccca-btp.fr
Paola Bolognini : paola.bolognini@ccca-btp.fr
Loïc Bestard : loic.bestard@ccca-btp
Tel. +33 (0)1 40 64 26 00
19 Rue du Père Corentin 75680 PARIS CEDEX 14 – FRANCE
www.ccca-btp.fr – www.apprentissage-btp.com


CENFIC Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria da Construção Civil e Obras Públicas do Sul), Portugal

CENFIC cores
Created on the 21st of December 1981 through a protocol established among IEFP, IP and three Builders’ Associations, AECOPS, AICE and ANEOP (has been integrated in AECOPS in 2011), is now one of the protagonists of the Construction Industry’s development in Portugal. In the Industry scope, CENFIC has the know-how, the technical and human resources required to study and implement the best solutions for the definition of an efficient policy framework for the Qualification and Training for the Industry Human Resources.
CENFIC’s head mission is to prepare qualified professionals to fulfill tasks which are part of the Building Construction and Public Works Sector, through the development of Vocational Training Courses.
CENFIC is certified since 1998 by APCER, according to Standard ISO 9001:2008, and is provided with large facilities and all the equipment deemed necessary to allow its Technical and Educational Team effectively meet the Industry demands.
Since its early days CENFIC has developed an intense activity in the area of international Projects, aiming at sharing experiences and their constant technical and methodological update. Therefore, the partnerships with similar bodies either from the European Union or Portuguese Official Language Countries, gain special relevance.

Fernando Carvalho Mourato
Tel. +351 21 940 63 00
Av. Severiano Falcão
2689-516 Prior Velho


Centre IFAPME Liège-Huy-Waremme, Belgium

Established 55 years ago as a non-profit organization, Centre IFAPME Liege-Huy-Waremme is the largest training center in the Walloon Region with nearly 15,000 students and 1,000 graduates each year.
Its activities are conducted by more than 1,000 instructors and almost 70 permanent employees. Classes and workshops are located in 9 buildings spread over the districts of Liège and Huy-Waremme.
Centre IFAPME Liege-Huy-Waremme is certified for its Continuing Education Department since February 2009 (QFOR ProcessScan) and labeled since June 2014 for its entrepreneurship training (ISO 9001).

Emilie NAHON
Tel. +32 422 98 441
Rue du Château Massart, 70
4000 Liège – BELGIUM


FORMEDIL (National Organisation for training in building construction), Italy

In Italy, the VET in the Construction Industry is led through a national training system regulated by the National Collective Employment Agreement and Formedil national vocational training institute for the building sector, is run at a national level by an ensemble of sectorial social parties, entrepreneurial organizations of industry, cooperatives and artisans as well as three national trade unions, Fillea CGIL, Filca CISL and Feneal UIL.
It is a bilateral institute and its Board of Directors is represented equally by both social parties. Formedil coordinates 103 training schools, half of which are unified safety and training institutes located in all of Italy’s 20 region. In the last year, 2014 , n°144.527 trainees attended training courses in the training schools of Formedil system, 12,075 classes with around 325.506 hours of activity for workers and technicians , young people and adult

>> FORMEDIL Leafleat Anglais
>> FORMEDIL prsentation ANG

Rossella Martino
Giovanni Carapella
Tel. + 39 06 85261700
Via Giuseppe Antonio Guattani 24
00161 Roma


Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (FLC), Spain

Marca Fundaci¢n color 300pp
The Labour Foundation for Construction is a non for profit entity founded at the end of 1992 within the framework the General Agreement of the Construction Sector, when its creation and organization were established at a state level with the aim to professionalize and dignify the different trades of the construction sector.

It is comprised of the most representative organizations of the construction sector in Spain, such as the Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (CNC, employers association), Metal, Construcciones y afines. Federación de industria from Union General de Trabajadores (MCA-UGT, Trade Union) and Construcción y servicios from Comisiones Obreras. (CC.OO., Trade Union).
Hence, it is an entity specializing in construction activities and its main aim is to empower and specialized workers, as well as to contribute to their labour integration and professional development.

>> FLC presentation

Javier González López
International project manager
Tel. +34 913 984 500
Calle Rivas, 25


FLC Asturias (Fundación Laboral de la Construcción del Principado de Asturias), Spain

FLC Astrurias
FLC, created in 1988 by means of a Foundation Agreement subscribed by the Employers’ Organisations and the Trade Unions in Asturias, is an equally-based, non-profit organization and its scope of activity includes the companies and employees of the construction sector in Asturias. Our main aim is the provision of services for this sector such as vocational training schools, a job placement agency which recruits employees to match the construction companies’ job requirements and social protection services such as scholarship schemes, disability grants, loyalty awards, seniority bonuses, etc. FLC through its two vocational training schools has a broad experience in the designing and undertaking of VET training in construction, aimed at unemployed people, employers and employees of the construction sector. FLC has participated in innovative projects on a regional, national and European level and has organised transnational mobilities for more than 200 trainees, trainers, VET experts and professionals of the construction sector.

Luis Javier Alonso Méndez
Tel. +34 985 98 28 00
L’Alto’l Caleyu, 2
33170 Ribera de Arriba