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BTP Mobilité+ 2016

The CCCA-BTP presented to the French National Agency Erasmus+ a new mobility project concerning 669 mobility grants for trainees, trainers and management staff. 28 training centers belonging to the CCCA-BTP network take part to this project. The results of the selection will be published in June 2016.

date19 February, 2016 by REFORME

Project presented for funding to the French National Agency. If approved, it will be managed directly by the CCCA-BTP.

The global amount of the project is 906 153 Euros, i.e. 669 mobility grants for apprentices, trainers and management staff.

28 training centers belonging to the CCCA-BTP network and take part to this project.

5 partners of the REFORME Network are involved in this project: FORMEDIL, FLC, CENFIC, BZB, IFAPME; but also others coming from: Denmark (TRADIUM, EUC SYD), Poland (ZDZ), Estonia (Tallinna Ehtiskool), and Finland (SATAEDU). The UNIEP (the International Association of Painting Contractors) will cooperate in this project finding painting enterprises available to hos French apprentices.

This project will concern two types of public: apprentices and trainers and management staff.


  • Reinforce technical skills of apprentices providing an added value to the enterprises (Competences assessment through ECVET compulsory in all the mobility’s exchanges)
  • Develop the trainees’ transversal skills (i.e. linguistic, behavioral etc.).


  • To enhance the pedagogical practices of the trainers involved through the comparison of the role and mission of the trainer: assignments mission and duties, degree of autonomy, cooperation with others, external/internal activities (trainers).
  • To analyze together the specificity of the management of the construction sector training centers (management staff)
  • To reflect together about the development of the training offer (management staff)
  • To compare the everyday management of training centres (management staff)
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