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Presentation of the interactive web-site Passerelle(s)

The CCCA-BTP presented during the REFORME Network its last initiative that has been put in place in collaboration with the National Library of France

The general culture site Passerelle(s) [(Gateways(s)] is designed to promote the access to culture to the apprentices of the construction and public works. It also will attract those interested in the construction and architecture as part of an interdisciplinary approach. Passerelle(s) is conceived to put in place an interactive exploration of the construction trades and historical buildings, representative of the history and techniques of their times.

Passerelle(s) is an instrument to match historical and professional contents, emphasizing the dialogue and the link between the society, people, architecture and trades belonging to the construction sector. Passerelle(s) is also a pedagogical instrument that it has actually been experimented in the training centers of the CCCA-BTP network in France.

Online from the 16th November 2015 for the period from the Renaissance to the late nineteenth century, the site will be completed by early 2016 with Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and gradually in 2016 by the twentieth century.

A workshop will allow visitors to build its own exhibition or slide show from the site resources, or follow educational courses.

For more information: http://passerelles.bnf.fr/

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