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The partners of the Construction Inheritance project will meet in Paris on the occasion of the third INFO DAY.
Construction Inheritance is a project about the transmission on competences in the restoration sector and is leaded by FLC, Spain

date04 October, 2016 by REFORME

The partners (FLC from Spain, Centre IFAPME Liege-Huy-Waremme from Belgium, FORMEDIL PUGLIA from Italy, CENFIC from Portugal, BZB from Germany and CCCA-BTP from France) will take parte to the third INFODAY, together with French stakeholders.

During the meeting, the participants will deal with the following issues :

  • Overall presentation of the project in its framework
  • European Programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for lifelong learning
  • Company skill needs for renovation and restoration of architectonical inheritance
  • Intergenerational transfer of know-how as a mean to preserve company performance
  • Results of the project up to now and forthcoming outcomes
  • Presentation of the European Practical Handbook to provide companies and training centres with the map of traditional techniques of restoration of buildings in the partner countries, to enable learners to acquire adequate skills.
  • Competencies map and list of related learning outcomes.
  • Pedagogical methods and tools adapted to the training paths related to the renovation and restoration of architectonic inheritance
  • Round table about the company skill needs in the field of restoration, with the participation of company representatives
  • Debate on the company skill needs within the transnational context, with the participation of the European partners of the project.

For more information : https://www.reforme.org/projects/construction-inheritance/

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