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The project Construction Inheritance ended successfully last october. This project, led by FLC (Spain), took into account procceses, tecniques and materials applied in restoration field of European building heritance in order to put in place a renewed training paths, with updated training contents and learning outcomes.

date13 December, 2017 by REFORME

The project aimed at recapturing the know-how of workers with great experience in the traditional processes applied to the building industry, but due to some structural and production factors, such as works specialization or productive processes industrialization, great part of this know-how is being lost for the next generations, jeopardizing the necessary generational change.

The project collected both factual knowledge and competencies regarding traditional techniques of restoration, in order to facilitate its transfer through training to young professionals from construction industry, guarantying that way its future preservation, the generational change as well as a proper restoration of traditional elements of old buildings.

Here below the main results achieved :

O1 “Handy Guide: Traditional restoration being applied to antique buildings in Europe”:
– Set up the methodology and tools to realize the field study in France (observation / case studies and interviews).

O2 “KSC (Knowledge, Skills and Competencies) Map”:
– Definition of a methodology based on EQF to describe traditional processes in terms of KSC
– Put together the proposal of “SKC” proposed by different partners.

O3 “KSC definition in terms of Learning Outcomes”:
– Definition of the didactic guide along with the rest of partners.
– Gather information regarding technical production of learning outcomes.

O4 “Open Educational Resource: APP “Construction Inheritance”:
– Collaborate with the selection of the best software and its developer for the APP.
– Collaborate with the instructional system design.

O5 “Experimentation and External validation: Pilot Experience”:
– To carry out the pilot experience in France.
– Coordinate the Pilot Experience in France following the established indications.
– Collect the results got after the trial execution.
– Propose improvements to the APP from a pedagogical and technical point of view.

O6 “Standard recognition of the Learning Outcomes: Accreditation and impact in VET systems”:
– Propose systematization processes and templates intended to National Advisory Group (NAG) collaboration.
– Describe the new skills in terms of qualifications (KSC) as defined in EQF methodology.
– To sign the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding).
– Set up Learning Agreements.

The partnership was composed by: BZB (Germany), Formedil Puglia (Italy), Centre IFAPME Liège-Huy-Waremme (Belgium), CCCA-BTP (France), CENFIC (Portugal).

Link to the VALOR Platform : http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/projects/eplus-project-details/#project/8440bc77-5792-415e-af0e-da34414fe404

For further nformation do not hesitate to contact Beatriz Oliete Galiano (FLC, Spain) : boliete@fundacionlaboral.org

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