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Paint Tutors Up – Medium term meeting

The partners met on the 19th September at the Centre IFAPME Liège-Huy-Waremme (BE) in order to discuss about the ongoing intellectual output, such as the IO3 - Learning Tool for company tutors

date23 October, 2018 by REFORME


Laetitia Beckers (IFAPME) presented the document on the methodology and underlines the importance of validating a planned methodology for the design of the Unit of Learning (UOL) for the tutors training. The participants agree upon the new proposition of topics and arrange a new schedule for their contributions. The IO3 consist in creating a “Learning tool for company’s tutors in Learning Outcomes ( LO)”. A unit learning outcomes qualification is being designed according to a common methodology based on the sector special needs – the size of companies, the complexity of the painting techniques and products. The output will feed the contents of the training framework, which will allow the beneficiaries to acquire or improve their tutorial skills in terms of learning outcomes. Thus, the partners will exploit their cross-expertise in the field of pedagogical engineering and training

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