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RenovUp – the Final Report on National Good Practices is Ready!

After an intense first year of work between the 5 European partners of the RenovUp project, the final report on national good practices in the 5 countries of the partnership is ready!

date17 September, 2021 by Marion Beauchesne

Formedil (Italy), FLC Asturias (Spain), ITEE LUKASIEWICZ network (Poland), PEDMEDE (Greece) and CCCA-BTP (France) achieved a huge work during the first year of the RenovUp project, which results are now gathered in the Transnational Synthesis of National Good Practices useful for Work-based Learning (please see the document attached to this article). It covers the following areas: use of work situations in training concepts; positioning of learners in vocational training paths; recognition of skills and competences with “Open Badges”.

Here is an extract (page 6):

“We found that, despite a fairly abundant theoretical and methodological material concerning on-the-job and blended training, including apprenticeship, few pragmatic examples exist of how concrete work situations are exploited within training paths, how skills and abilities of candidates for training are previously evaluated and how the tools like Open Badges are used in practice. Thus, the integration of work situation into training courses on a larger scale, the positioning of training candidates in their courses, and the recognition of learning outcomes with Open Badges are still relatively unmet challenges in all partner countries.”

Do not hesitate to contact Marek Lawinski at marek.lawinski@ccca-btp.fr about the RenovUp project!

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