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Construction Blueprint – French trainers work on training modules!

On April 26th, 2022, French trainers met at BTP CFA Marne training centre (in the city of Reims) in order to identify the training modules they will test with their apprentices!

date28 April, 2022 by Marion Beauchesne

They were 9 trainers, directors or european projects referents working on the modules created by TUS (Irish partners) and BFW-NRW (German partners) in the context of the Construction Blueprint project (co-funded by Erasmus+). They aim at tackling skills gaps and mismatches in the training offer of construction VET Centres in the areas of digitalisation, circular economy and energy efficiency.

At the end of the day, CCCA-BTP representatives had the list of modules trainers aim to test, some of them before the end of June and the rest by September and October 2022. They expressed a particular interest for the circular economy modules, as they estimate France is a bit late in comparison to other European countries for the integration of that topic in construction VET curricula.

Trainers from BTP CFA Marne and BTP CFA Toulon expressed their strong interest to dispose of these training modules in French, but also in English in order to combine general teaching (English, mathematics) and technical training.

BTP CFA Toulon is also considering the idea to implement a transversal construction project with their apprentices, which would be the opportunity to test modules from all the areas mentioned above with different apprentices audiences.

However, some of the trainers also highlighted that some modules were too transversal and repetitive from one area to another. In addition to that, they indicated that some modules can’t be tested with levels 3 and 4 EQF audiences, but more with levels 5 audiences, especifically for modules related with ACV (life cycle analysis).

The next steps will consist for CCCA-BTP to translate the training contents the trainers wish to test.

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