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BTP Mobilité+ ENSUP

Promoting transnational mobility in higher education for construction trades and functions

date21 September, 2021 by Marion Beauchesne

The continuation of training or higher education in another country, fully integrated into the course followed in France, is a lever that increases employability and facilitates sustainable socio-professional integration, as demonstrated by the analyses carried out by the CCCA-BTP over the last 5 years. It is an added value, particularly sought after on the labour market, as construction companies that hire collaborators are increasingly sensitive to it.

On the strength of its experience in European mobility ─ with the ambition of reaching 1,200 beneficiaries in 2026, all levels of training included ─ the CCCA-BTP is planning to steer and coordinate mobility in BTP higher education, with a target of 200 beneficiaries per year from 2026. This is the main objective of this BTP Mobility + ENSUP consortium.

The consortium brings together 6 large regional training organisations with a long experience of apprenticeship in the sector. These organisations have already acquired expertise in setting up international mobility, particularly under the previous Erasmus+ programme. Each of these structures has one or more European mobility referents, responsible for steering and organising activities in the regions concerned, in consultation with the CCCA-BTP. It is planned that this consortium will evolve over time, to welcome other members.