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BTP Mobilité +

date18 February, 2016 by REFORME
BTP Mobilité +
  • CCCA-BTP / France (http://www.ccca-btp.fr/)
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Mobilité + BTP is a European mobility project managed by the Coordination Committee of Apprenticeship in the Construction Industry (CCCA-BTP, Comité de Concertation et de Coordination de l’Apprentissage du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics). Its aim is to improve the attractiveness of the construction trades through European mobility. Promoting apprenticeship and mobility in the network of training centers (called CFA in France) are also long-term objectives.

This project is involves both apprentices of EQF level 4 and 3 (masons/bricklayers, roofer, painters, public work workers) and managerial staff and trainers (around 200 beneficiaries in total).

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Employability and personal fulfillment of the learner, but also to offer him a concrete experience of European citizenship.
  • Valorization of the CFA, through the proof of the quality of their training, of their ability to conduct a transnational project.
  • Develop synergies within the CFA with these exchanges, with their participation in the 4 project components involving apprentices, trainers and managers.
  • Valorization of the sending and host partners.
  • Improve recognition of mobility’s outcomes, through a systematic approach focused on the competences, and their evaluation.
  • Implement the ECVET approach. All apprentices are concerned with the on-site assessment of learning outcomes , their validation ; and ultimately for the bac pros : the certification of learning outcomes, by taking into account in their diplomas the learning credits that will have been associated to the learning outcomes.

The partnership is composed by several VET institutions in Europe, such as: Tradium (Danemark), FLC (Espagne), Formedil (Italy), Tallinna Ehituskool (Estonia).