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Certified VET trainer in the construction sector

date18 February, 2016 by REFORME
  • Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute – RADOM / POLAND (http://www.itee.radom.pl/lang/index.php/21-o-instytucie/informacje-ogolne/37-25-lat-itee-pib)
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The scope and goals of CertiVET project are to addresses European priority of ECVET for transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications. It is focused on trainers in the construction industry who are specialized in technology of interior drywall systems.


* Performing extended studies and researches on training activities for TIDS domain qualifications in the partners countries, with the reuse the results obtained in the previous project

* Creating an effective set of competence standards for VET trainers in TIDS, based on this research and the cooperation between the experts from the partners countries and on the needs resulted from the labor market

* Elaborating a set of procedures for competence validation, based on solutions related to the ECVET system

* Providing a set of software tools to put into practice the procedures of competence validation and qualification

* Setting up a consistent model of certification of qualification

The partnership is composed by: Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute – RADOM (POLAND), Dunarea de Jos Din Galati Univesity (ROMANIA), CCCA-BTP (FRANCE), KBIN – Confederation of the building industry (POLAND), Budowlani – Confederation of the workers of the construction industry (POLAND).