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Construction Inheritance

Transfer of know-How from older construction workers to young ones.

date18 February, 2016 by REFORME

The present project aims at recapturing the know-how of workers with great experience in the traditional processes applied to the building industry, but due to some structural and production factors, such as works specialization or productive processes industrialization, great part of this know-how is being lost for the next generations, jeopardizing the necessary generational change.

Therefore, project aims to collect both factual knowledge and competencies regarding traditional techniques of restoration, in order to facilitate its transfer through training to young professionals from construction industry, guarantying that way its future preservation, the generational change as well as a proper restoration of traditional elements of old buildings.

The partnership is composed by: BZB (Germany), Formedil Puglia (Italy), Centre IFAPME Liège-Huy-Waremme (Belgium), CCCA-BTP (France), CENFIC (Portugal).