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Health and safety procedures for curtain walls

date18 February, 2016 by REFORME
Health and safety procedures for curtain walls
  • Polish Association of Building Managers /Poland (http://www.psmb.pl/przykladowa-strona/)
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Following the European Directive 2001/45/EC and Directive 89/391/EEC the project aimed at decreasing accident rate during construction of tall buildings, especially during curtain walls assembly. To achieve that goal, the project developed  modern training materials with the use of Augmented Reality (AR) to improve  quality and safety of works during assembly of curtain walls.

The partnership was composed by: Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Spain), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany), Universitat de València (Spain), Elajko-Al (Poland)