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date18 February, 2016 by REFORME
  • BZB Krefeld / Germany (http://www.bzb.de/)
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This project intended to evaluate, which qualification level in each partner country is responsible for procedures within the field of fire prevention and energy saving.

PROFESSION has developed pilot web based and interactive eLearning-modules which are addressed to relevant qualification levels and their fields of responsibility.

The project produced two outcomes:

  • a) SQF-/EQF-qualification matrices regarding fire prevention and energy saving on the basis of SQF-CON; matrices are available in English language
  • b) 4 interactive multimedia pilot web based trainings of approximately 20-30 minutes duration to increase the acceptance and integration of modern learning within the construction branch. All scripts and modules are available in the six partner languages.

Short term aim:

To compare EQF respectively SQF-CON standards concerning the work within the fields of fire prevention and energy efficiency.

Long term aim:

To develop and design a standardized web based training tool in consideration of compared and adjusted SQF-CON responsibilities for fire prevention and energy saving procedures.

The partnership was composed by: AIDICO / Spain, Warrington Collegiate / United Kingdom, IZODER / Turkey, Berufsförderungswerk Bau Nordrhein Westfalen / Germany, Vilnius Builders Training Centre / Lithuania, GOA Infra Groep / Netherlands.