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Proposal Project – Long-term mobility for apprentices

'A European framework for mobility of apprentices: developing European citizenship and skills through youth integration in the labour market'

date24 October, 2016 by Marion Beauchesne
Proposal Project – Long-term mobility for apprentices
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In spite of the positive developments, existing evidence from Erasmus+ Mobility for VET learners point to very short term stays abroad by beneficiaries. Among the main reasons cited for this are the persistent difficulties on recognition of the skills and competences acquired abroad, different legal statutes of trainees and apprentices in different countries, particularly when it comes to apprenticeship contracts. Moreover, companies hesitate to send their (last-year) apprentices abroad for too long, because in most cases they are employees of the company and are expected to learn and work in the company with which they are under contract. This is a particular challenge for SMEs that
sometimes invest heavily in their apprentices and are then reluctant to send them abroad for longperiods. The ultimate goal of this project will be to enable young apprentices to develop their skills and enhance employability prospects, whilst also strengthening their sense of European citizenship.