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date16 September, 2021 by Marion Beauchesne

The RenovUp project was initiated in September 2021 by CCCA-BTP for a 3-year period, with a budget of 413 000€ provided by the Erasmus+ Agency for 5 European partners: Formedil (Italy), FLC Asturias (Spain), ITEE LUKASIEWICZ network (Poland), PEDMEDE (Greece) and CCCA-BTP (France).

RenovUp results from an observation made by professionals in the construction industry: the current training facilities for site managers and team leaders do not take sufficiently account the specificities related to the renovation of buildings and its various constraints. There is a real need, confirmed by companies and professional federations in the partner countries, to reorient them in terms of objectives, content and methods of learning, in order to enable the targeted learners to strengthen their capacity to better understand the renovation as a whole, to foresee and plan the related specific interventions, to better communicate and convince in complex situations on these sites. 

This three-year project includes conceptualization, implementation, in situ experimentation and evaluation of results. Ongoing and final productions will be supervised by National Expert Groups (NAG) and subject to an ongoing evaluation. 6 biannual transnational seminars will have to validate them, to ratify any adaptations if necessary and to promote the dynamic of the communication and dissemination of the results.