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Social media in exchanges (preparation, operation, post processing

date18 February, 2016 by REFORME
  • IFAPME / Belgium (http://www.centrelhw.ifapme.be/)
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Workers and especially younger ones have to be more mobile than before in order to find new job opportunities. Young people have to be well prepared before going abroad for a mobility process and good preparation is the key point for integration.  It is important to guide them by using new information and communication technologies as well as social media in all phases of VET. The main objective of this project is to create an Android Application based on an extensive tool-kit for preparation, operation and post processing of staff and trainees’ exchanges related to up-to-date media, i.e. social media in use.

The partnership is composed by: BZB (Germany), Cenfic (Portugal), FLC (Spain), Formedil (Italy).